Nick to “Wrestle” Margaret Into Dictionary Corner?

New Countdown host, Nick Hewar, has joked that he would like former Sugar sidekick, Margaret Mountford, to appear as co-host.

Last year, the news that Nick was due to replace current host Jeff Stelling took the world of TV news by storm but this recent development could prove even more monumental.

Margaret and Nick coached teams of Apprentice wannabes for five seasons before she was replaced by Karen Brady but a TV match made in heaven could be reunited in front of that huge clock.

Speaking of Mountford, Hewar said: “I may well wrestle her into Dictionary Corner.

“She’s busy studying but if I were a betting man I’d put a fiver on it.”

The sour faced Apprentice star, who has worked alongside Lord Sugar for almost 30 years, has already admitted to struggling with his new role and would perhaps benefit from a familiar face on set to calm his nerves.

“I spotted a good word among the letters and shouted out, ‘Conifers’,” he said. “It ruined the shot and filming was stopped.”

Hewar better get his act together or it could be the “firing finger” and black cab ride home if he screws up again.

So could Mountford be the next Vorderman? Perhaps Dictionary Corner be welcoming a new wordy woman?

Countdown will return with Nick Hewer as the host on Monday on Channel 4.