“Nick’s Eyebrows Are Brilliant” Apprentice Jane Confesses

Nick would be BROWd of that wince Jane...

Nick Hewer’s erratic eyebrows have grabbed a few headlines in recent weeks – and now they have the captured the heart of Apprentice reject Jane McEvoy.

She may not be Alan Sugar’s number one fan after being booted off the show last night, but it’s a whole different story for Nick’s furry friends.

“I think his eyebrows are brilliantâ€?, she said. “They tell a thousand stories with one look.â€?

“He’s amazing and so entertaining on television. The show wouldn’t be the same without him.â€?

Countdown host Hewer’s eyebrows and animated expressions have attracted plenty of attention from the press, prompting the 68-year-old to consider Botox. Reacting to media attention last month he said: “I don’t realise when I’m doing the frown.

“I’ve got a very mobile face and I think the cameramen pick up on it. I’m thinking I might have Botox to make it impossible to raise my eyebrows.â€?

And after watching herself back during last night’s episode, mother of one Jane has decided that she may have more in common with Nick than a passion for making money.

“I could probably do with some Botox myself! I never realised my face was so expressive.

“I said to my husband – do I do that all the time? Is that how I look when I talk? And he was like – “yesâ€?.

“It was a very strange experience watching myself like that.â€?

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