Nicolas Cage Clears Name

Con Air actor Nicolas Cage has won a retraction and damages after the MailOnline falsely claimed he was guilty of tax evasion. The Mail issued a swift apology for the article, which, though apparently focussed on Cage’s propensity to return DVDs late, also referred to him as a “tax evaderâ€?.

His lawyer Paul Tweed, who in the past has represented Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, claimed that although an apology had been won he “nonetheless remains very concerned that such a false and outrageous headline should have been published in the first place.”

Whilst we have no footage of Nicolas Cage being “very concerned” or upset about the allegations, we imagine it might look a bit like this.

A statement released by Mr Tweed claimed “My client has secured a complete vindication of his reputationâ€?.