Nicole Kidman For The Paperboy

kidman210Precious director Lee Daniels has been having some trouble getting stars to stick to his new project The Paperboy with both Tobey Maguire and Sofia Vergara backing out. But now it looks like it could be getting back on track as Nicole Kidman is in talks to take Vergara’s role.

Much as I’d love to see a movie made of classic arcade game Paperboy , sadly Daniels’s new film is not it. Instead it’s the story of of a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) who, along with his brother, investigates a murder which could see a man on death row go free.

If Kidman signs up, she’ll play a woman who write letters to death row inmate and who first alerts McConaughey to the case.

Zac Efron is also on board, so Maguire still needs to be replaced. If that comes off then shooting will begin in the summer.