Nigella Lawson Calls Lawyers Over Foie Gras-gate

Nigella Lawson has denied claims that she brought Foie gras from now ex-Selfridges butcher Jack O’Shea. The voluptuous chef has called in lawyers after a newspaper alleged that she purchased the product which is made from the enlarged livers of forcefed geese.

Illegal to produce but legal to be sold in the U.K, the controversial French delicacy was taken off the shelves at the iconic London department store two years ago after a high profile campaign by James Bond and Boat Trip star Roger Moore.

Yet O’Shea, continued to sell the foodstuff to a “secret societyâ€? of customers under the name of “French Filletâ€? until he was filmed doing so just before last Christmas.

Lawson, who is married to the art world’s version of Dr. Evil ‘Charles Saatchi’, denies the claim that she was one of these customers despite the fact she has a well-known love for Goose Pate.

Escorted out of the London department store shortly after he is caught out, O’Shea says that he sold Foie Gras to several Michelin starred chefs based in the city.

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