No Plans For A 24 Movie… Yet

bauer300Howard Gordon, former writer and producer for 24, has said that any plans for a movie version of the series is on hold.

When asked by TV squad, Gordon said that “conversations are ongoing” regard the transfer of everyone’s favourite tame Government sociopath Jack Bauer onto the big screen.

“I feel compelled by Jack [Bauer], that Jack is still out here… I feel like I miss him… and I think there’s a way to see him on the big screen. The 24-hour iteration of 24, I think, is done, but I think that there’s life left in Jack.”

“The challenge is not making it… for the sake of making a movie version,” he said. “[It’s about] simply making it good, frankly.”

This news is sure to be good news to ardent fans of the series, who will want to see justice done to the series if it ever gets a movie incarnation.