No Return ‘Trip’?

Last winter’s surprise comedy hit, The Trip has still not be confirmed for a second series Rob Brydon revealed today in an interview with Shortlist, “I think the BBC would like more, so it’s a question of if we can all agree and we think we can make it work. But there’s nothing in the diary,â€? he said.

The Trip was a continuation of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s roles in A Cock And Bull Story, whereby they played slight caricatures of themselves. Its basic premise was that Steve Coogan was to be filmed while reviewing restaurants around the north of England for The Observer in a bid to impress his foodie girlfriend. They were due to take the trip together, only, as the time came around to start, Steve’s girlfriend broke up with him and flew back to America. Steve reluctantly asked Rob Brydon to take her place and “the tripâ€? was born. Bear in mind this is all fictional, Steve Coogan was never really employed by The Observer, nor did his nonexistent girlfriend leave him for America.

Almost the entire programme is ad-lib, Brydon and Coogan only have a basic framework in place for each episode and they simply improvise the dialogue. It’s not for everyone, the pacing is entirely different to anything seen before, but when it works it works extremely well, and it will be a shame if it never sees a second season.