No Romance For The Doctor, Says Smith

Speaking to the Radio Times, Doctor Who actor Matt Smith has dismissed the idea that The Doctor could begin a romance.

“The universe is his mistress and he’s not going to give her up for anyone!â€? he joked. “He finds marriage all rather peculiar, I have to say. To him, spending his whole life with someone is an alien concept.â€?

He also said that The Doctor’s relationship with River Song is unlikely to move very far.

“The Doctor gets to flirt, he just doesn’t get all the rubbish stuff. He doesn’t have to clean up!â€?

“Maybe The Doctor will pack it all in and go and live with River, but I can’t see it. I think he’s always going to have the element of a mad man with a box, which I really like.â€?

Doctor Who begins again on BBC One on April 23.