Ofcom To Investigate Tulisa’s Annoying Arm

You have to feel for the person who answers the phone at Ofcom this time of year. We bet they’re working harder than a one-armed bricklayer in Baghdad right now, and the latest thing that people have been complaining about is Tulisa’s annoying X Factor arm gesture.

The tattoo on her right arm reads “The Female Bossâ€? and is proudly displayed at the start of each X Factor show, but “The Female Bossâ€? is also the brand name of her newly launched scent.

The star, 23, unveiled her new fragrance last month at The Perfume Shop in London and viewers are now concerned that she is using her signature ‘move’ to promote the “gentle floral scented perfume with hints of rich sandalwood and amberâ€?.

Is she getting free advertising when she thrusts her arm across the screen? Will anyone buy her perfume anyway? Surely if you want to smell like fake tan you should just buy a bottle of that?

As well as looking at the arm gesture, Ofcom is viewing a pre-recorded segment on The Xtra Factor which was screened about the new scent.

The N-Dubz star spoke about The Female Boss perfume and discussed the connection to her arm in the spin-off programme at the end of October.

The regulator is assessing the footage against rules on promoting and referencing commercial products in programming.

The X-Factor crew are still not out of hot water for Rihanna’s recent appearance on the show. Investigations into Rihanna’s lewd footwear (which told us all to “F*** Offâ€?) are still ongoing…