Office Spin Off “The Farm” Cast, Plot Details Revealed

Details of the cast and plot for the The US Office spin-off The Farm have emerged. Centering around office oddball Dwight Schrute, the show will follow the former volunteer sheriff’s deputy as he tries to make a living from a bed and breakfast – farm combination.

It’s been talked about for a while, but up until now, we’ve had no other information apart from that Rainn Wilson will continue his role as Dwight and that The Office writer and producer Paul Lieberstien, who also plays HR rep Toby is attached to the rural spin-off. Now, thanks to TVLine, we have a taste of what’s to come.

It’s rumoured that Dwight, along with the rest of his family inherit a large farm and bed and breakfast. It’s not yet confirmed if this is the same “Schrute Farmsâ€? featured in The Office, which Dwight used to grow beets (beetroot for us Brits) and “bad weedâ€? (hemp). In one episode, he turns the farm into an “agritourismâ€? bed and breakfast, with rooms with themes such as “Americaâ€?, “Night-timeâ€?, and intriguingly, “Irrigationâ€?.

Members of the Schrute clan rumoured to feature in the show include the metropolitan Fannie Schrute, who’s leftist views are likely to cause comic fodder between her and her brother Dwight, who’s views on social issues include; “Better a thousand innocent men are locked up than one guilty man roam free.â€?

“Cameron Whitmanâ€? is Fannie’s son, born and raised in the city, he’s attracted to the Schrute lifestyle, and perhaps even Dwight, who he apparently sees as a father figure following his parent’s divorce. Dwight’s brother “Jeb Scruteâ€? is to feature – a man with a CV that includes “Bigfoot hunterâ€? and “worm breederâ€?, he has apparently produced an instructional video on things you can do with a canoe and a knife – a bit like a Cannabis growing Ray Mears.

Rounding up the cast is Heinrich Manheim – Dwight’s great uncle. Uncle Manheim was referenced in an early episode of The Office where Dwight laments that he tried to visit him in Argentina, but his travel visa was protested by the Shoa Foundation. Make of that what you will… (He’s an old Nazi.)

Interestingly – Dwight’s cousin Mose doesn’t appear on the list – presumably because he’s played by Michael Shur, who’s busy producing local government comedy Parks & Recreation.

For a taste of Schrute farm life, here’s a clip from The Office featuring one of Dwight’s bed and breakfast activities – manure distribution.