Oldman, Ford & Hemsworth Up For Paranoia

Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford and Liam Hemsworth are set to star in Paranoid, a corporate thriller set in “the world of telecom giants”. The project’s been in development for more than three years, but with the announcement of the stars it looks like there might actually be a connection.

Based on Joseph Finder’s 2004 novel, it sees a junior product line manager Adam Cassidy at the fiction Wyatt Telecom who poses as a senior VP in order to steal a hundred thousand dollars in order to fun a friend’s retirement party. When he gets caught, his superiors give him a chance to save his job if he agrees to infiltrate Wyatt’s biggest competitor as a corporate spy.

Hemsworth is down for the lead, Cassidy, so that’ll probably mean that Oldman will play the CEO of Wyatt and Ford will be the head of the rival firm Trion. Hemsworth has already signed the paperwork with Deadline reporting that Ford and Oldman are in “advanced negotiations”.

Robert Luketic (Killers, The Ugly Truth) will direct a script by Jason Hall who was behind sex comedy Spread and a new project which will involve Michael Bay an Taylor Lautner. Shooting begins this summer.