Olivia Wilde To Join Liam Neeson On ‘Third Person’

Liam Neeson has signed up for a role in Paul Haggis’s new film Third Person – presumably after hearing that he’ll have to play Olivia Wilde’s on-screen love interest.

Haggis has been chatting to Vulture about his up-coming project and explained that he’s been working on the script for a few years, but had to move quickly once the New York Post heard that one of the plot-arcs will involve a New York party reporter.

“It’s about three story lines, three love stories, three relationships in three different cities that combine in a very odd way: New York, Paris, Rome,” he said.

“And so I wanted one of them to have a job in New York. So after writing the script, I thought, Oh, party reporting, that would be great. But literally, it’s just that. The character is not based on anyone, or anything like that.”

Apparently filming should begin this August, but apart from that, the man who penned the last two Bond films is keeping quiet on details. Although he has revealed that Neeson and Wilde will be in a relationship together and that her character will be an Entertainment hack from the Big Apple.

We can’t imagine how that would ever complicate her love life? Seriously…