Olly Murs Helps Prove That Second Is The New First

This year’s X Factor contestants seem to be all about winning… “I want it so badâ€? might as well be the mantra of the series. The whispers of backstage fighting and bitching have also cranked the competitive aspect up a notch. But is winning all it’s cracked up to be?

The past three weeks have seen previous X Factor contestants returning. JLS, Rebecca Ferguson and Olly Murs have each performed their new singles on the Sunday night show. Each artist ended up as runner-up.

On the back of his X Factor performance, Olly Murs’ new single Dance With Me went straight into the charts at number two last night. How ironic. I doubt he’ll hold much against Rihanna for taking the top spot, and I doubt he’s feels that perturbed by Joe McElderry.

The Geordie winner has had minor success with a new operatic style, but hasn’t exactly set the charts alight (although he did secure second spot for Christmas 2009!).

His successor Matt Cardle has also been met with mild and mediocre reviews upon the release of his album. Olly by comparison, has had two number one singles, an upcoming arena tour and a new job presenting the ITV2 sister show The Xtra Factor.

Maybe second best isn’t so bad after all! Even One Direction came third, and they seem to create the type of hysteria likely to send girls fainting all over the place. Misha B, you needn’t worry.