Olympic Torch Heads To Walford

Eastenders will be getting in on some Olympic action next year as the torch will be passing through Albert Square, with Billy Mitchell being chosen as the most suitable candidate.

The relay will pass through the fictional London borough of Walford ahead of the July 27 opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, London 2012 said.

Ironically, the landmark British soap was lambasted by mayor Boris Johnson earlier this year after bosses refused to move the production to its fictional setting in the east.

But the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, will share Walford’s E20 postcode after the Games so must be included on the torch’s route.

Actor Perry Fenwick, who plays Mitchell, said: “When we first discussed the storyline, my initial thought was that I’ll now have to get fit.

“While this may be a fictional one-off for Billy Mitchell, it’s a real once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I am thrilled that Walford and Albert Square will be part of this amazing event.â€?

But it seems everyone is getting over-excited about the arrival of the torch on the fictional square. Even London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe is getting palpitations. He said: “The announcement is a great addition to the Olympic Torch Relay Route. I’m sure the people of Walford will now start planning their celebrations.

“Along with people right round the UK, the residents of Albert Square will be getting involved to make this their moment to shine.”

We literally cannot wait. Let’s hope it goes off without a hitch.. (some chance)