OMG! Peaches TV Show Is Like, In Danger Of Being Cancelled..

Producers of OMG Totally Peaches didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that they were producing television of such vacuousness that the show’s title didn’t do it justice, but they seem to be a bit pissed off after their star was accused of shoplifting.

Apparently unaware that Miss Geldof’s show was actually a far greater crime than nicking a £70 dress, the TV bosses are thought to be discussing the future of the show. The words ‘so’ ‘like’ ‘totally’ ‘literally’ and ironically enough ‘OMG’ (yes apparently the word can be said out loud..) are thought to have figured prominently in said debate.

Peaches denies that she stole the dress from a boutique in Camden and her spokesperson said: “Peaches knows nothing about this incident, which she strenuously denies.” according to the Daily Mail.

An ITV official advised that they would not be making a decision until all the details were like, totally looked at. “We would never make a decision on a show this early..”