Only Way Is Budget for Essex Stars

Psst! Just slide the bottle into your bag when no one's watching...

The cast of The Only Way Is Essex are struggling to afford their fake tan and vajazzles, earning just over minimum wage for the show.

The first series saw each participant handed a measley £1 by ITV to appear, back when they were unknown to the public. This time around Mark Wright, Amy Childs, Sam Fairs and co negotiated themselves a payrise, bagging £6.25 an hour if spread over an eight hour shift.

The wage is hardly in keeping with their ‘bling bling’ lifestyle, so some of the cast have put their notoriety to use in order to make a few extra quid. Mark Wright, reknowned as somewhat of a Casanova in the Basildon area, is even releasing his own fragrance. Expect to see Amy Childs or James ‘Arg’ Argent opening a new branch of ASDA near you very soon.

What will Mark’s fragrance smell like? Old car seat? Charity shops? Burnt hair? We’ll have to wait and see.