“Originally Alan Was Right-Wing and Intolerable” ..Coogan Talks Partridge

Back of the net! Our favourite radio host and travel tavern lodger returns to our screens on the 25th June. Promoting Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life, which airs on Sky Atlantic, Steve Coogan, joined by co-creator Armando Iannucci, spoke about the development of the character yesterday.

“Originally we made Alan two-dimensional. He was right-wing and intolerable. But I think he’s funnier and there’s more humour in him now, trying to be liberal and trying to move with the times. If he says something misogynistic and racist, it’s from getting things wrong rather than intoleranceâ€?

Iannucci added; “I think Alan has changed slightly over 20 years. I think he is far more comfortable with himself and he likes surrounding himself with young people now.”

Welcome to the Places of My Life is the latest in a string of appearances from the Norfolk DJ. After Midmorning Matters was shown on Youtube, Sky Atlantic picked up the first season to be re-edited for television, whilst also commissioning a second season.

These should act as an ample warm up for the Alan Partridge movie, currently in pre-production. With Declan Lowney (of Father Ted fame) attached as director, and a planned release date of 2013, there is plenty of partridge to go around.

To watch a clip of Welcome to the Places of My Life, where you can see Alan telling us to make a walking stick, and giving us a dramatic description of a gripping Council meeting, check out this video on Radio Times website.

Iannucci begins work on Alan Partridge: The Movie..

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