Orlando Bloom To Appear In Hobbit

Bloom300After speculation regarding whether or not he will be appearing in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, Orlando Bloom has finally confirmed that he will play Legolas once again.

“Yeah, it’s looking like that,” he said, when asked if he would be in the film. “I’m really excited about going to see Pete [Jackson] again. It’s still a little up in the air, but the idea of working with Pete is fantastic. I can’t actually really talk too much about it, at this point. I just was given the script to piece through, so it’s quite exciting.”

He was also asked to confirm if Legolas would be younger in this film – which, seeing as The Hobbit is a prequel (we know it’s not technically a prequel but seeing as it uses the same characters and setting, calling it one just makes things easier) seems a little silly, but Bloom replied, “Yeah.”

This would suggest a deviation from Tolkien’s original story, as the character of Legolas, whilst his father and kingdom are mentioned, does not make an appearance.