Over 12m Watch Becky’s Corrie Exit… But Will She Come Back?

Will Becky get back behind the bar?
Around 12.3 million Corrie viewers watched as Becky swept into a Streetcab for (possibly) the last time on Monday night.

But actress Katherine Kelly has revealed that she pleaded with the show’s bosses not to kill of the character she has been playing for the past five years.

She said: “The next breath after I said I wanted to leave Coronation Street was to say ‘But please don’t kill her off’.

“I’d hate to think I couldn’t go back because I had such a lovely five years there.â€?

Over in the world of Twitter, fans were busy tweeting their delight at Becky’s distinctly non-deadly exit and lamenting the loss of their “favouriteâ€? character.

@hannahjones20 tweeted: “I will miss kathrine/becky from coronation street I didn’t want her to go. She was my best character on the street named coronation stâ€? (sic)

While @youngxjp expressed his cyber sadness: “Gutted Becky left Coronation Street. Probably not worth watching now, she was my favourite. #sadtimes

Louise Sutton, Coronation Street’s assistant producer, revealed that Becky having a happy-ever-after was never in any doubt.

“We love Becky exactly as viewers do so when we knew she was leaving, we knew we had to give her the most spectacular and satisfying exit we could.

“It was only ever the case that she would leave in a blaze of glory having defeated her arch-enemy Tracy. Anything else would have been frustrating and unjust.â€?

So would Kelly return lycra-clad and stiletto-heeled to the cobbles?

“I see no reason why I wouldn’t go back – but it depends if they ask.â€?