Over The Rainbow Star Is Over The Moon

Sophie Evans has given a frank interview where she discusses the trials and tribulations she’s faced whilst competing on Over The Rainbow.

The Dorothy hopeful revealed in an interview with Digital Spy the tremendous self-doubt she experienced when she first auditioned for the show. Apparently she believed all the other girls in the room were “much betterâ€? than her but she persevered and now finds herself on the brink of winning the show.

However, she steadily reclaimed her ego as she progressed through the various audition stages. Evans recalled: “Every time I got through, I couldn’t believe it, because I genuinely didn’t think that I was good enough. It’s only now that I have really started to believe in myself because I’ve come this far.”

The star-in-the-making also confessed to being unused to criticism: “It is tough and I think I’ve had the bad end of the stick,” she said. “I’ve had some pretty bad criticism nearly every week. But you’ve just got to take it on the chin.â€?

To see if Sophie succeeds in pleasing The Lord (better get down on her knees and pray or adopt a similar position for a different purpose) tune into Over The Rainbow Saturday at 7pm on BBC 1.