Paddy Considine For The Years Of The Locust

After his deserved win for Best Newcomer at the BAFTAs on Sunday for his superb film Tyrannosaur, Paddy Considine is looking to adapt Jon Hotten’s book The Years Of The Locust.

Hotten mentioned that Considine was considering it on his blog and Considine confirmed it when speaking to Deadline on the BAFTA red carpet on Sunday.

Locust is the true story set in the American South in the 1990s of  sociopathic door-to-door-sales-king-turned-boxing-promoter Rick ‘Elvis’ Parker and his loyal, naive but incorruptible fighter Tim Anderson as they get caught up in a world of rigged fights and violent mayhem.

Well, that certainly sounds like a budgetary step up from small town drama, so hopefully it’ll expose Considine to a wider audience (and make more than the $450,000 that Tyrannosaur did)

In the meantime, he’s settling down to write haunted tale The Leaning and acting in Now Is Good alongside Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Leven’s Girl On A Bicycle.