‘Paddy Doherty: Gypsy King’ Brad Pitt Eyes His Next Movie..

Hollywood giant, Brad Pitt, is “fascinatedâ€? by the life of Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Paddy Doherty and is keen to make a movie about him, reports say.

An insider speaking to The Sun, said: “He’s fascinated by gypsy traditions and is seriously considering making a movie about Paddy’s life.

“The travelling community has a bad reputation but Brad respects their morals, like marrying for life and keeping their kids away from casual sex and drink and drugs.”

And Brad is a fan of the much-talked about the controversial Channel 4 series: “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is Brad’s favourite thing to watchâ€?, the source said.

Just over 8.7 million people watched the second episode of Gypsy Weddings which aired at the beginning of this year, making it one of the most successful programmes in the history of the channel.

This year’s series of Celebrity Big Brother, however, has seen viewing figures plummet by almost 47% down on last year and averaged at around 1.7 million.

Shocking news.