Paradise Lost Left In Limbo

Alex Proyas’s ambitious screen adapation of the John Milton epic poem has been put on hold by Legendary Pictures due to budgetary concerns. Thomas Tull is the man at Legendary who has hauled the reins on the project which is unsuprising when you consider that the film’s budget was reportedly spiralling into the $120m mark.

Though films being put on hold seems to be one of the most dominant themes of 2011 (The Lone Ranger, Hellraiser, The Crow, the on-off-on news of Akira), Paradise Lost seems particularly late in the game to be calling time on as Proyas had already assembled a cast and crew which included Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck and Djimon Hounsou and was gearing up to start shooting in January next year.

Well, it’s not cancelled as such, merely put on hold and Deadline report that Legendary are looking to get the celestial war underway in the spring, assuming of course everyone involved is still free.