Paranormal Activity back to haunt us…again

In what could be the least surprising news of 2012, we bring you the revelation that Paranormal Activity 4 is on it’s way!!

Paramount have now officially announced that they are beginning work on the latest film in the supernatural series.

A fourth outing for the low-budget supernatural franchise was inevitable once the third film scored $202.2 million worldwide based on a $5 million budget and is sure to attract hoards of horror fans to sit on the edge of their seats once more.

The release date is not yet known but we are guessing it won’t be an Avatar style time frame.

Given how the series has so far travelled back in time, we are guessing that Katie being troubled by demonic issues while in the womb. Or perhaps while just a twinkle in her father’s eye.

It is unclear if anybody new is involved in the film at the moment but producers Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider will of course be back to keep an eye on the horrific events that will surely be unfolding.