Partridge Takes Flight From The Beeb

Having abandoned a relationship which spans back to the days of sofa-based awkwardness with Alan Partridge and guests, the Norfolkian is making a dramatic move to Sky Atlantic.

Steve Coogan – the man behind the Castrol bomber jacket – is creating a duo of one-hour specials for the satellite broadcaster and will also be adapting the hugely successful online series Mid-Morning Matters for the channel.

Brand new show Welcome To The Places Of My Life will feature Alan as a televisual tour guide for viewers keen to experience a taste of his glorious county of origin. The snappily-titled second in the two-part series, Alan Partridge On Open Books With Martin Bryce, will see the presenter being interviewed in front of a book club to discuss his opinion on various novels.

Coogan reports that Alan is thrilled to be returning to Great British screens: “Alan has been off the TV for too long but he is even more excited than me about his chance to have a second bite of the cherry.

“Alan feels the second decade of the millennium is the right time.”

And it isn’t just Alan who is excited about ‘bouncing back’ for the…24th(?)…time.

Lucy Lumsden, Head of Comedy for Sky, said: “Sky Atlantic is providing our best writer-performers the space to feel creatively free. Who better to kick off our new season of comedies than the phenomenally talented Steve Coogan?”

In celebration of this momentum news, we have handpicked one of our all-time favourito Partridge moments:

Video: Alan Partridge Talks About His New Book ‘I, Partridge’


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