Patty Jenkins Leaves Thor 2

No one wants to handle Chris Hemsworth’s mighty hammer. I find that hard to believe but it’s true as Patty Jenkins has decided to leave the sequel to the Norse god’s adventures.

Jenkins, who directed Monster, was the surprise choice for the task of directing Asgard’s favourite son which was announced back in September beating out competition from Game Of Thrones director Brian Kirk and others including Drew Goddard, James McTeigue and Breck Eisner.

But now she’s left due to “creative differences”, Marvel might have to turn to one of their previous rejects as they’ve anounced a release date of November 2013 and at present have no one piloting the ship.

Chris Hemsworth will be flexing his muscles as the titular hero in the sequel and it’s likely that Anthony Hopkins (hopely sans ridiculous eyepatch), Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston as Loki will also return.