Paul Feig Completes Five Part ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Walkthrough

The short-lived American series Freaks and Geeks failed to create much of a splash during its original run on NBC. But since its cancellation in 2000, the series that launched the careers of James Franco, Jason Segal and Seth Rogen has attracted a considerable cult fan base.

Today, Paul Feig, the series’ creator, completed a definitive five part walkthrough of the show for The Onion’s A.V. Club website. The walkthrough offers some fascinating insights into how the series was conceived and written, as well as including stories behind every one of the show’s 18 episodes.

Freaks and Geeks was produced by Judd Apatow and followed the lives two groups of high-school students in 1980s suburban Michigan. Frequently hilarious, sometimes surprisingly touching, many of the programme’s stars have appeared in subsequent Apatow projects.

In 2007, Time Magazine included Freaks and Geeks in their 2007 “100 Greatest Shows of All Time” list. Since the series aired, Paul Feig has gone on to direct Bridesmaids, as well as episodes of Mad Men, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development.

Read part one here..