Paul Greengrass Takes On Pirates

Paul-Greengrass210We’ve heard nothing out of Paul Greengrass since 2010’s Green Zone. He was working on a planned Martin Luther King script called Memphis but that had to be pulled due to rights issues. But now it seems he might have chosen his new project.

According to Vulture, he’s in talks to direct Tom Hanks’s new film A Captain’s Duty, the true story of Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali pirate and eventually freed in a rescue by US Navy SEALS. It’s a far cry from other Depp-fronted pirate shenanigans – these aren’t deck-swabbing jolly scamps, they’re bloodthirsty scumbags. Ah, the cold sting of reality.

The film will be called Maersk Alabama after Phillips’s ship and will shoot as soon as Hanks is free (that’ll be after he finishes work on the Wachowski brothers’ adaptation of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas) shooting this summer. Greengrass seems well suited to the role having directed adaptations of tense, real-life events in the past (United 93).

He might opt instead for Rush, a documentary written by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon and *hawk, spit* Hereafter) about three-time Formula One champion Niki Lauda’s near fatal 1976 season which saw him nearly burn to death after he crashed on the second lap of the German Grand Prix. It’ll also focus on his intense rivalry with British racing driver James Hunt and apparently hated him so much and was so obsessed with beating him that he returned to the circuit just six weeks later to place fourth in the Italian Grand Prix.

Giving that Senna is an excellent documentary and proves that the excitement and rivalry of Formula One translates well to the big screen, it might also be a safe bet for Greengrass.