Paul Schrader Takes Bait

Paul Schrader, a long time Scorsese collaborator and the writer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull will direct Bret Easton Ellis’s Bait, replacing the previously announced Jonas Pate (er…Caprica, that crappy Bionic Woman series with Michelle Ryan).

There’s no word on Schrader’s action thriller Jesuit so it seems like that’s been put on hold for the time being.

Shark tales seem to the next genre wagon to jump on with Bait 3D (written by Russell Mulcahy, the man behind Highlander), Shark Night and Dark Tide.

Easton Ellis’s script will concern a sociopathic waiter at a posh beach resort, who, after suffering humilation at the hands of some rich frat boys, exacts revenge by leading them to shark infested waters where they’re picked off one by one.

Ellis hasn’t had a great movie since 2002’s Rules Of Attraction (The Informers attracted very mixed reviews) but he’s best known for his satirical masterpiece American Psycho written in 1991 and made into a superb movie that was Christian Bale’s breakthrough role in 2000.

It’ll be interesting to see what spin Schrader can put on Ellis’s new script. More news as it comes in.