Paxman To Do Series On British Empire

We Brits are sometimes frowned upon for being snobs, but you can’t really blame us – after all, we owned the biggest empire in history until Google came along.

To ensure that we don’t forget this fact anytime soon, professional snob and distinguished broadcaster Jeremy Paxton will soon be fronting a five-part documentary entitled, Empire.

It will see him globe-trotting as effectively as fellow (yet fictional) Brit Lara Croft, minus the sex appeal, across India, Canada, Asia and Africa, tracing the rise and falls of our once grand British Empire.

According to the BBC, the show will deal with the “complex effectsâ€? this empire had upon the world back then as well as its effects on our present day. Offering a balanced argument by looking at the blessings and the curses of the vast hold Britain once had over the world, BBC arts commissioning editor, Mark Bell has stated that it will “shed new light on its consequences.â€? Tally-ho…and all that.