Peaches: My ‘OMG!’ Show Is Like Question Time

Modest and grounded as ever, Peaches Geldof has compared her new show to Question Time, which possibly wouldn’t be quite such a bold statement if said show wasn’t called ‘OMG! With Peaches Geldof’.

The ‘misunderstood’ daughter of Bob Geldof was keen to differentiate her series with daytime confrontational shows, saying OMG! is not “combativeâ€? like The Jeremy Kyle Show. Given her last ever-so-slightly-frosty outing with Fearne Cotton, this comes as a surprise, but hey; maybe time has mellowed our Peaches.

Speaking to Heat magazine, Peaches said: “This is people from all different walks of society. It is more like Question Time. It’s not about self-help in that way.”

Describing an encounter with a group of polyamorous “Oxford-educated toffsâ€? she said: “They did this thing called a ‘cuddle party’ where you all had to lie in a big pile and this guy who was like, really gross and beardy was like, ‘Is it okay if I stroke you?

“I had to say yes, so he was just there, stroking my arm! Then I bring it to a live environment where there’s a studio audience and we all discuss it. It’s like a debate show.”

OMG, that totally sounds like Question Time…