Pegg Talks MI:4

pegg300Simon Pegg has spoken about upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the fourth film in the Mission Impossible franchise.

The Paul actor allayed fears that the series would start to stagnate, saying: “It’s a rebirth for the series. In the same way with what they’ve done with Spider-Man. I feel like it’s a reinvigoration of this particular story. It was a series when it was on TV, so it’s a story that can have so many iterations. There are so many adventures to get into with this team of impossible mission fighters.”

He also talked in glowing terms about new cast members Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton, but gave special praise to the director. “Yes, Jeremy and Paula, and Tom goes without saying. I can honestly say that Jeremy and Paula are fantastic in this movie and it’s been a hoot working with them. They’re both such fun and both amazing. But I think the real key to this picture is Brad Bird who they [the studio] brought in to direct.”

With Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol set for release later this year, Pegg is certainly doing his part to promote the movie. But comparing the franchise to Spider-Man is strange, unless the Mission Impossible musical is coming out soon, of course.