“People Can Return..” Says Being Human Writer

Toby Whithouse has been talking about the fifth series of BBC3 cult supernatural show Being Human and fans will be pleased to find out that he hasn’t ruled out the option of returning cast members.

As you know, refusing to say something will never happen isn’t quite the same as saying that it WILL happen, but it does throw up some interesting possibilities.

When Entertainment Weekly asked if he was sad to see the remaining original cast member Lenora Crichlow leave at the end of the last series, Whithouse explained that although it was tough watching the character of Annie go, there were exciting times ahead.

“From my point of view, it’s a great opportunity,” Whithouse said. “Don’t get me wrong; it’s sad when we lose characters. But, in many ways Being Human is such a Mexican daytime soap. People can return.”

Maybe we’ll be seeing Annie pop back for the odd episode? Or maybe Aidan Turner might return now that (Hobbit spoiler alert) he’s vanquished that pesky dragon? Obviously this is all mere conjecture at this stage.

The fifth series of Being Human – which was announced in March – will feature new ghost Alex (Kate Bracken) alongside vampire Hal (Damien Molony) and werewolf Tom (Michael Socha).

“With those three new characters, there’s a completely new dynamic and just tons of ideas and stories you can tell,” said Whithouse.

Yet he admitted that he is currently uncertain if Alex and Hal will rekindle their romance.

“To be honest, we’re still in the storylining process [for series five], sometimes I can’t answer a question because I genuinely can’t answer it.”