People’s Choice Awards: Movie Winners (And Losers)

Clean-shaven and award-laden: R Patz steps up to the podium

The power of R-Patz shone through once again last night at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, as Water For Elephants was crowned Best Drama Movie.

The awards show, which received 230 million votes across the 30 plus categories, also honoured Johnny Depp as Best Actor and Emma Stone as Best Actress (and Best Comedy Actress).

Other movie award highlights/lowlights included:

Chloe Moretz – after beating off competition from four Harry Potter stars, this young lady scooped the award in the Under 25 category. Well deserved.

Bridesmaids – the hit comedy starring Kristen Wiig and Chris O’Dowd was exactly not a surprise winner for the Comedy Movie of 2011 category. But a justified one nonetheless, and we are thrilled that it prevented Bad Teacher taking anything home. It also beat The Hangover, Crazy Stupid Love and Friends With Benefits to the comedy top spot.

Morgan Freeman – if there was a category for “General Movie Awesomeness” or “Best Voice Ever”, he would be sure to score. But we were very glad to hear that the legend that is Freeman bagged the Movie Icon award, whooping the preened asses of Tom Hanks, George Clooney and Harrison Ford along the way.

Adam Sandler – blimey. In a category which featured Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Steve Carrell, Sandler proved his enduring popularity with the American public by taking the award for Best Movie Comedy Actor.

Hugh Jackman – is there another man who is more action packed than action-packed, muscle-rippling Hugh? No. That’s why he won the Best Action Movie Star award.

Harry Potter Cast (Deathly Hallows, Part 2) – with such incredible supporting actors and such questionable talent in leading roles, arguably an ensemble award is the most diplomatic way to say “well done” for a decade of cinematic entertainment from the HP cast.