Pete’ll Fix It? Andre To ‘Help’ British Public In New Show..

That's normal size though... right?
That's normal size though... right?
Peter ‘Tellyland’s most lovable idiot’ Andre is planning a new ITV2 series in which he will be giving something back to the British public he adores so much.

Early reports are that Here To Help will be a show which sees the Australian singer travelling around the country solving people’s problems.

“The great British public are phenomenal,” Andre told The Sun. “I have seen first hand their encouragement and supportive messages. Now it’s time to give something back.”

A source added: “The show will see Pete help members of the public with all kinds of problems. It could be a teenager having difficulties getting a date, or someone struggling to juggle being a single parent.”

The first name on Pete’s list? Miss Price from Surrey.. Apparently she needs a baby-sitter..