Peter Capaldi Talks Malcolm Tucker’s Future

When the third series of Armando Iannucci’s political satire The Thick Of It ended in 2009, we feared it might be the end of the road for foul-mouthed government spin doctor Malcolm Tucker. Out of favour with a party which was subsequently chucked out of office, it was difficult to see how the rudest man in Scotland would fit back into series four.

But after confirming that his character would be returning a couple of months back, Peter Capaldi has been talking about Tucker’s possible future this week.

“I wasn’t expecting to be part of it but I am. I’m fascinated to see how,â€? said Capaldi. “People like Malcolm would be thinking long-term, they’re not just thinking about this week, they’re thinking about five years’ time. They want to defeat this Government so that’s what he’ll be working on. His job will be the pursuit of the next election!â€?

Iannucci has written most of the new series, but the actual storylines are expected to be adapted to suit the most topical political events when filming begins later in the year. What’s more the actors will be encouraged to continue improvising during scenes to enhance the show’s documentary feel. Something that Capaldi claimed intimidated him at first..

“It was amazing when The Thick Of It came along because I didn’t do that kind of thing, I never improvised. I deliberately didn’t audition for anything which needed to be improvised, I wouldn’t go near it… and I certainly never played dark, rage-filled characters, but that appears to be what I can do!â€? he said.