Phantom BGT Blogger ‘Ashamed’ Of Fix Claims

After a week of hearing about how the Cowell publicity machine are going to tear him to pieces in a manner that will make the fate of Shayne Ward’s contract seem humane, the mystery blogger who claimed that last week’s Britain’s Got Talent final was fixed has issued a grovelling apology on the internet.

The slanderer probably started to panic when police became involved last weekend and issued a second post which apologised for the first one.

“I am deeply ashamed,” wrote the internet pariah. “I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the distress and hurt I’ve caused.”

In last week’s pre-final post, the blogger had claimed that Cowell had been training young Ronan Parke for several years in a bid to replicate the success of Justin Beiber on this side of the pond. Ronan eventually lost last weekend’s final to Jai McDowall.