Piers Morgan And Larry King Go Head-To-Head

Piers Morgan finally got the chance to face off with his predecessor Larry King over King’s comments that Morgan’s new chat show has been overhyped. But the resulting interview was not as explosive as had been anticipated.

Last week, King said that “One of the problems they [Morgan and CNN] did was to oversell it – they said he was going to be dangerous, he was going to be water-cooler talk, it was ‘Wait till you see me, I’m different.’ Well, he’s good – but he’s not that dangerous.â€?

Speaking on Morgan’s new show, King stood by his comments, telling the former editor of The Mirror: “I haven’t seen you dangerous yet, I said you’re capable.â€? But Morgan defended himself, telling King: “I suppose I’ve always oversold myself. I quite like doing that, it’s quite funny… We couldn’t come in and undersell it, I’m following a legend.â€?

“Every day I do this my admiration for what you’ve achieved grows, because I’ve done 22 shows. I feel like I’ve been in a war zone! And you did 7000 shows in 25 years… Just the sheer stamina that you showed is awesome.â€?

Well done, Piers. You certainly proved Larry King wrong with that edgy interview.