Piers Morgan’s Falling Ratings

Larry King was always going to be a tough act to follow, but Piers Morgan seems to be struggling over in the States with the quest to keep up the ratings for his self-titled programme ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

According to Nielsen figures, there has been a drop in ratings from 635,000 to 620,000 since Larry King has left. Despite not seeming a monumental amount, it has also been reported that ratings are ‘trending downwards’ and are therefore expected to fall even further. This is bad news for CNN, as before his departure earlier in the year, even King’s ratings were criticised for being too low. With a further dip since Morgan took over, could it spell trouble for the former Britain’s Got Talent judge?

One person who will be overjoyed at this news is Lord Sugar; if you happen to follow either he or Morgan on Twitter, you’ll be aware of the inane competitive tweets they seem to send to each other on a daily basis.

If their boring sniping continues, they both might be in danger of a few ‘unfollows’.