Pilkington Refuses To Do ‘Idiot Abroad 2’ Until He’s Guaranteed ‘Proper Loos’

Idiot Abroad Karl Pilkington is refusing to squat in the name of good television and has demanded normal Western toilets if he is to record a follow-up to his wildly successful Sky1 travel show.

Ricky Gervais’s mate claims that primitive amenities ruined his experience the first time round and viewers will even remember him having a heated exchange with bemused locals in China over plumbing standards and the lack of toilet roll.

As such, Pilkington will be demanding regular access to ‘proper sit-down loos’ if he is to do Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List (a tour of the world that will see the reluctant traveller trying a series of ‘must-do’ activities that adventurers famously want to experience before they ‘kick the bucket’).

“He’s asking a lot more questions about the trips than he did last year,” blogged Ricky Gervais, the man behind the new show. “He wants a guarantee of nicer toilets.”

When Karl got to Peru’s Machu Picchu in the first Sky1 series – based on the wonders of the world – he took matters into his own hands. The radio producer fashioned his own toilet by cutting the middle out of a folding chair, explaining to viewers that he could not “go” while squatting.