Piranha 3DD Straight to DVDD

It seems unfair not to warn OTB readers that surefire box office smash, Piranha 3DD, will go straight to DVD and completely bypass our cinema screens.

Despite Kelly Brook and David Hasselhoff making cameo appearances, it seems someone is getting cold feet about the film’s potential to succeed.

Over in the states the bikini and boob filled film’s release date has been moved time and again and is now scheduled for an unspecified 2012 launch. Director John Gulager has, however, confirmed that a Spring date is most likely “because of the Spring Break vibe in the film”.

Thankfully the British use Spring as a time to eat chocolate eggs and not a lot else, which means we will be missing out on the big screen Piranha sequel entirely.

But fear not fish/flesh fans, the film will be appearing in all average DVD retailers in March.

Originally of course the film should have landed in US cinemas in November. But co-screenwriter Patrick Melton explained why this may have been a tad optimistic and how considerate he is to his female stars:

“The main problem was this thing called Winter. There was no way we could ask anyone to strip down and jump into the water. Besides being inhuman and stupid, even with ‘movie magic’, it would be too dangerous.

So we waited until it was warm enough to shoot but not so late that our main location became unavailable.”

He sounds like such a nice, not to mention intelligent, man.

Take a peak at the taster trailer if you simply can’t wait til March….