Playing It Straight To Return To E4

If you are a fan of watching awkward first dates and metrosexuality, then the news that Playing it Straight is back on E4 should make your day.

The show sees one single girl pick herself a date from a group of twelve attractive young men, some of whom are gay but pretending to be straight. Good to see that a person’s sexual orientation can be such a lucrative form of entertainment.

Channel 4’s commissioning editor David Williams said: “It feels like the perfect time to bring the much loved Playing it Straight to a whole new E4 audience – a generation with more buff boys with a liking for moisturiser than ever before, making the task faced by our lovely lady more tricky than ever.”

The single girl has eight weeks of “comedyâ€? challenges and eliminations to whittle down the group before making her final decision.

If she chooses a straight man they share the £50,000 prize and hopefully, a lifetime of happiness and joy. If, however, her gay-dar malfunctions spectacularly and she chooses a gay man he wins the whole £50,000 for himself.

LionTV’s managing director Jeremy Mills, who worked on the original series, said: “We are thrilled to be making a new version of this great show. The mix of reality and comedy are a perfect fit for the E4 audience, and there’s tremendous fun to be had!”

Jameela Jamil will present the new series (along with most other programmes on E4) when it hits our screens in 2012.