Plot Thickens As Morgan Claims Heather Mills Hacked Macca’s Phone

When two of the most unpopular British celebrities are at logger-heads, it’s difficult for John Q. Public to pick a side, so we at OTB have decided to stay neutral and hope that both of them lose.

However anyone who’s rooting for Piers Morgan in his battle against Heather Mills will be pleased to hear the former Mirror editor sending Hop-along’s accusation that his paper listened to her former-husband’s voicemail illegally straight back at her.

In a move that many playground urchins will recognise, Morgan has accused Mills of ordering the hacking in the run-up to her lengthy divorce battle with the ex-Beatle.. (“I hacked Paul McCartney’s phone? YOU hacked Paul McCartney’s phone!”)

Morgan told Conan O’Brien: “Paul McCartney is apparently now claiming someone hacked his phone. I kind of thought when Heather Mills poked her head up above the parapet, the whole thing got completely ridiculous.”

“I suspect it was Mills because in the divorce, if you study the divorce papers, Paul McCartney accused Heather then of hacking into his phones and passing information to the papers.”

Morgan – who has been coming under increased pressure to return to Britain to answer questions over the claims of phone hacking – went on to point out that as people go, Heather Mills isn’t the most reliable of sources. Pot Kettle?

“Heather Mills is not the best person to be throwing any dynamite at anyone on this. It’s a bit annoying – I’m hacked off.” ..ahem.