Police Investigate Geordie Shore Bar Brawls

Police officers are said to be investigating incidents of nightclub violence on MTV’s controversial show Geordie Shore. Reports that they have also issued a warrant for Phil Mitchell’s arrest for a string of on screen offences are unfounded however.

According to The Sun, police are studying scenes and have asked series chiefs to show them episodes that have not aired yet. The Tyneside-based programme’s debut saw James Tindale, fighting a man who made a rude gesture behind his back at a nightclub.

His housemate Greg Lake, joined the scuffle, which spilled on to the dancefloor. The show’s second episode saw loudmouth Vicky Pattison, 23, in a fight after shoving into another girl in a club.

While some members of the public were keen to distance themselves from those appearing in the show, it is also clear that they had difficulty understanding the police’s reaction.

“Only high priority policing in the age of austerity!” said sean1986 on The Sun’s message board.