Postman Pat: The Movie? Yes Please

If Hollywood rumours are to be believed, then Postman Pat is about to make one huge delivery.

That’s right, Pat better get hold of some designer specs and give Jess a celebrity makeover that Paris Hilton’s pet pooch would be proud of because this pair could be on their way to Tinseltown to make a film.

But this is not going to be a doddery old animation a la the childhood series of old. It’s going to be in super-sharp 3D.

Amongst the talent rumoured to be lending their voices to the postal picture are Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbend, David Tennant and Stephen Mangan.

The film will coincide with the character’s 30th anniversary in 2013, and will see Mangan (of Green Wing fame) taking over voice duties for the main man.

Subtitled You Know You’re the One, audiences will watch as Pat attempts to shun his humdrum life in Greendale and focus on finding fame and fortune by entering a national talent competition.

Grint is said to be thrilled to be working on the project, particularly since he has only just outgrown his Postman Pat pyjamas.

He said: “Postman Pat is one of those British symbols, I suppose – you are totally familiar with him and his cat, Jess even if you have never watched the series. How exciting to be part of the Postman Pat heritage.”

Granny Goggins better get herself botoxed up to the max because 3D wrinkles are not a good look.