Potter Producer For New Fantasy Movie

heyman210Harry Potter producer David Heyman is currently in talks to work on Night Circus, a new fantasy movie based on an as yet unpublished novel by Erin Morgenstern due for release in September.

Set at the beginning of the 19th century, it’s the story of two young magicians who become embroiled in the age-old rivalry beween their respective fathers. It’s set in the titular enchanted night circus where their competitions will play out and the “fates of everyone involved, ­from creators and performers to patrons, hang in the duo’s balance” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Magic? Rivalry? Kids and adults? Sounds like the perfect follow up for Heyman who produced all eight of the Harry Potter films, the most successful franchise in movie history. He might be a hard one to nail down to a deal though – coming straight after Potter, he’ll be very much in demand. We’ll have more details on whether Summit manage to pin him down as they come in.