Powder Room

Sheridan Smith plays Down-on-her-luck Sam, who leads us on a comedic and voyeuristic journey into the lives of a multitude of women at all stages of love and life, over the course of one crazy night out. Amidst the shambles of a night on the town, she realises her life is an empty mess, coloured only by her dysfunctional, but devoted ensemble of close friends, Chanel (Jaime Winstone), Saskia (Sarah Hoare) and Paige (Riann Steele).

She wants to grow up, but is finding it difficult. In an attempt to broaden her horizons, Sam meets up with her old college friend Michelle (Kate Nash), who she hasn’t seen for years, and Michelle has subsequently gone to Paris, has a glamorous job, earns a lot of money, has got engaged, and is living the life that Sam aspires to and enviously follows on Facebook. Michelle has brought her friend Jess (Oona Chaplin), who is even more intimidatingly glamorous. Sam feels inadequate and inhibited in their company, so starts telling little white lies.

It all spirals out of control until she’s created an entirely fictional existence. Sam spends her whole evening trying to stop this house of cards from falling down. Faced with some very harsh realities, can Sam remain true to herself and find a way back from rock bottom?

In cinemas 29th November