Pregnant 2 Shoes Pull Out Of X Factor

One half of Essex born and bred X-Factor duo, 2Shoes, has revealed that she hid her pregnancy throughout the audition rounds.

Charley Bird is expecting a boy with partner Greg Phillips and has joked that she, “might even call him Gary or Louisâ€?.

But rather than putting her feet up, Bird plans to battle on and put even more effort into her dream of becoming a pop princess.

She said: “We’re both so excited. It’s made me want to do well in the competition even more, so that I can give my son a really good start in life.”

Band member, Lucy Texeria is said to be thrilled that there could be a new addition to the two-piece girl band. Bird added: “I told Lucy more or less straight away and she’s been brilliant – we’ve even thought about naming ourselves 3 Shoes!”


The surprisingly talented twosome shocked judges and viewers with their tuneful melodies on Saturday’s episode of the audition rounds and with fans including Amy Childs of TOWIE fame and Peter Andre of Peter Andre fame, fans will have their fingers crossed that the talented pair will make it all the way.

But if 2Shoes make it all the way to the final the 23-year-old would be eight months pregnant, putting serious question marks over their progress in the popular talent show.