Prime Suspect Writer Slams BBC’s Young Commissioners

Lynda LaPlante has spoken out about the criminal behaviour of BBC commissioners who have rebuffed top writers.

The Prime Suspect writer, said: “It’s very hard to get to work at the BBC. They make very big promises. I think they’re very afraid to commission anything. When you’re told they don’t want any further crime shows, what do you do?â€?

Last year, LaPlante decided the best course of action was to get a national paper to publish a politically incorrect slur.

She told the Telegraph that the BBC was more likely to commission a script by “a little Muslim boyâ€? than one by a writer with her track record.
In her ongoing campaign fighting for the rights of crime writers, she has upped her game, saying: “The BBC is disgusting in their treatment of talent.

“You may not like Lynda La Plante but in 25 years to be one of the most successful dramatists, with huge [viewing] figures, wouldn’t you think they’d say, ‘Come in’, and say, ‘Let’s talk?’ I’m in discussion with them at the moment for two projects, but it’s very hard.

“One writer, apparently, punched someone, and you can see why. You don’t spend all these years working in television producing hit series after hit series, then you get someone who’s only 22 who says, ‘I don’t get it.’â€?

BBC commissioners beware, this woman has penned some of the greatest crime thrillers of all time. If anyone knows how to kill and get away with it, it’s LaPlante.