Rachel Weisz Wanted Masturbation Scene In Agora

rachelweisz300x210It’s not often that a masturbation scene is requested by an actor. It’s even more rare that it comes from a woman, so we were surprised to hear that Alejandro Amenabar, director of Agora, turned down Rachel Weisz’s request.

Honestly, if Rachel Weisz came up to you and asked you if she could get handy with herself while you filmed it, would you say no?

While we’re sure that it’s a good decision for the film not to include the scene, Weisz was adamant that it would have been beneficial to the film.

She told The Sunday Times that, “He wouldn’t go for it. I begged him. I wanted to know about that stuff. What’s up? What’s her sexuality? Where’s her deviancy?”

Weisz plays Hypatia, a philosopher and atheist who’s in a Roman controlled Egypt at the time of a Christian surge. But Weisz was disappointed that her character wasn’t that saucy considering that the Roman’s had a thing for debauchery.

“There’s a style of acting that can come with period films where everybody just freezes up. But they were drinking and f**king and doing maths or whatever else they were doing. They were just people.”

And how about Weisz’s suggestion? “I actually told Alejandro they should shoot a scene where she was looking at the stars and masturbating. I suggested a PG version, where her hand just went out of frame, and you’re watching her come, looking at the stars.”

We like the way you think Weisz, we like it a lot.